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YesYork is live! The information on the website is just a taste of how we can help you to improve your English and to discover our beautiful county of Yorkshire. We already have lots of ideas, but tell us what you’d like to do! Would you like to perfect your grammar, learn more vocabulary, just chat about subjects you’re interested in? Where would you like to go in the afternoons and at the weekend? What are your special interests? Once we find out, we can create something especially for you. A bespoke course that includes as much or as little language input as you want and that will enable you to see some of the wonderful things we have to offer in our part of the world.

One of my own biggest interests is wildlife and if it’s yours too, why not make it part of your stay? Near to where I live and just under 40km from York, is a beautiful stately home called Harewood House. The family that live there are closely-related to our present Queen. You can explore the house and gardens, which are both well worth a visit, but what makes it even more special for me is the chance to see the red kites – beautiful birds of prey introduced to the Harewood estate in 1999. Since then, numbers have increased to about 300 and while you are taking a walk around there is a very good chance of seeing several birds soaring high above you. Wonderful.

A trip to the Yorkshire coast in spring is also worthwhile to see the sea birds nesting on the cliffs at Flamborough or Bempton. A cacophony of noise and an incredible sight. Bird names are always difficult to remember in another language, but some that you will see are guillemots, cormorants, fulmar and if you’re very lucky a puffin or two. I wonder if you can count how many birds there are!

Sounds like something that would interest you? I’ll just get my binoculars and we’re off!

Linda Cockburn

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